Hi, I'm Brooke!  I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and owner of Nourish Lactation.

I am a native Oregonian that grew up in Southern Oregon and moved my way up the Willamette Valley until I began pursuing Human Development and Family Science at Oregon State University. After falling in love with Maternal-Child Health, I shifted my education with a focus toward the professional, academic and social significance of breastfeeding and lactation. I went on to complete a Human Lactation program through University of California and later at Portland Community College. This education and training included supporting over 600 families, and these hours provided me the opportunity to learn from each unique dyad.

Since graduation I have been incredibly fortunate to practice in a hospital setting, provide home visits in private practice and work alongside some truly wonderful providers in a pediatric clinic.  I have advanced training in oral assessments and ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and a special interest in maternal mental health (postpartum anxiety and depression).  I am currently working toward a Masters Degree in Maternal Child Health & Lactation.

Now settled in Bend, my husband and I have two awesome kids (with two very different breastfeeding experiences!) and spend much of our time exploring with the family. Our son is an aspiring ornithologist and our daughter is a skilled rock hunter!

When I am not reading lactation research or children's poems I thoroughly enjoy brainy podcasts (literally - about the brain!), hiking, visiting rivers throughout Oregon, and over drinking coffee for the "antioxidants".