Lactation Consultations



Bringing your baby home and experiencing the transition in your body, your house, your family, and even with your pets - it can be difficult to know what is normal and what should be visited by a professional.  During lactation consultation we will spend time to discuss your health history, your labor and delivery and your breastfeeding story.  We will create a personalized and detailed plan to overcome challenges and barriers and work through it together. My goal is to provide an easy-to-understand plan that is realistic to follow. Below are some of the most common reasons to schedule an appointment: 


  • Your baby’s latch is painful

  • Your baby is not gaining weight well

  • You are worried that you may have too much or too little milk

  • You have questions about how much breastmilk your baby is getting throughout a feed

  • The “Triple Feeding” (Breastfeed, Bottle feed, Pump) plan you are following is unsustainable and you would like to make changes

  • You have questions about tongue tie (also called ankyloglossia) and how it may be impacting breastfeeding

  • You have been told you need to supplement with formula

  • You have been using a nipple shield and you are ready to transition away from it

  • Your baby will not take a bottle

  • You have no idea what is going on or what normal is because you haven't slept in a very long time and you need a skilled, caring and compassionate professional to talk to about breastfeeding, to answer your questions and make you feel human again.


Lactation appointments are scheduled at COPA's Northwest Crossing Clinic at 760 NW York Drive. We will spend a full hour together going over you and your baby's health history, I will observe a feeding session and we will create a plan together. To schedule an appointment please call COPA at (541) 389-6313 and you will be offered the next available appointment.


Clinic appointments are billed to your insurance company directly, there is no copay or cost sharing required.


Clinic appointments can only be scheduled by calling the clinic. 541-389-6313