Lactation Update for Doulas

Friday, January 4 | 9:30am - 1:30pm | Bend, Oregon

Thank you for your interest! This class is full and registration is closed. If you are interested in signing up for a future class please submit your request below.

Lactation Update for Birth and Postpartum Doulas! This four hour lactation update will help to address questions and concerns you have about supporting breastfeeding in the early hours and days of postpartum life.

This evidence-based four hour workshop is outlined specifically for birth and postpartum doulas in our Central Oregon Community. The class is designed to update and strengthen the doula’s understanding of lactation and breastfeeding concerns, implement the knowledge and skills helpful to mom and baby, and guidelines for staying within the professional scope of practice. Topics to be covered include: anatomy and physiology of lactation and feeding, identifying and supporting breastfeeding goals, lactation and breastfeeding concerns in pregnancy/birth/early postpartum, tips for latch and position, advanced understanding of electric breast pumps, milk supply and supplementation, breastfeeding support after traumatic birth experiences, and more.

Precrawling infants are welcome to join for this training. Mobile infants and older children are not permitted. Thank you for understanding!